• Caleb Rawls

The Personality of Grace

I am Grace.

Many have never stumbled upon me but, I do exist. I have been through many hardships since the sacrifice of the God-man. Many men have never understood my intentions. I have stood in front of the most horrendous man as he gazed in unbelief, yet with grateful eyes at my radical nature. Yet I have stood in the midst of many righteous men who scoffed when I walked into the room.

Ages worth of God-fearing men have looked for me. They understood the need for me. Righteousness himself cried and pleaded for Him to release me so that the standard could be met. Righteousness was growing weary of seeing man burn out from ascending his ladder. There had to be a way. Because of this He took Righteousness and many others to go down the ladder. God took on the condition of those climbing the ladder and was met at the bottom with little excitement. And then they, who were at the bottom in the darkness, murdered the God-man. Some even climbed down the ladder to make sure of the God-man’s destruction. His sacrifice, the one that you call Jesus, released me to make my appeal to the world.

My creation was a tall order, but He saw that it was worth the divine payment. He and the God-man agreed that my job would be one of utmost importance. My beauty needed to be proclaimed to those ascending the ladder as well as those at the bottom. In turn I would bring up those who trusted in the work of the God-man to get them to Righteousness, who rejoiced at what He had done for them.

Throughout my work, some have tried to twist me into something I was not meant to be. But I cannot be suppressed by the human mind. The human condition requires that I exist if there be any ability to reach Righteousness in his most pure form. Is it not yet obvious that this is what the Almighty requires? He can not dwell in the presence of the impure, yet He truly loves them. He loves them in ways that the human language can not utter. He knew what it would take to release me in my most eternal and infinite form. He knew that only He could live up to His standard, you couldn’t. This is why I exist. I exist because you are not good enough.

But please, do not get offended. I promise I am lovely, but who I am proves what you are not. Many have hated me because I always reach out my hand to help and many reject the offer to rely on their own strength. I was brought into being for the weak, not the strong. I thrive on weakness. It takes a lot in the human to admit that it is weak; that it is not fully developed.

I guess that is what surprises all the self-proclaimed strong. Seeing the weak being carried on my back, this seems to offend the strong even more. The life that the weak can live in view of how magnificent I am... Oh the joy! The true recipients find a profound will within themselves to love in response to what I do for them. But the strong develop a code to build their way to Righteousness. They take what is good and try to make it perfect. But goodness is not to be confused with perfection. Righteousness sits at the top of a very long ladder through the heavens. Many strong men have ascending into some of highest regions only to find that their strength only can hold on so long.

You see, I am not against Righteousness. I am not anti-justice because justice was needed to set me free. I have work because the standard was met by Him. He has instilled something in all men that knows that they can never reach Righteousness, but mankind often suppresses this truth.

Many fail to realize that there is a hole in the wall where Righteousness dwells, I helped him kick it out. A bright light shines out of it and through it I have weaved a rope together with a basket to allow many to get to Righteousness. He has put the God-man in charge of pulling up those that I persuade to take my route. Oh the strength needed to reach out through the vast darkness. No mortal could carry out such a feat, yet so many die trying.

It is amazing how much room is always in this basket, never truly full as it should be. Those who are pulled up are confused about why they do not need to help in any way to get to Righteousness and how quickly they ascend. We always pass by those climbing the ladder and they often shout out their hatred toward what we are accomplishing. But there have been times when a few have made the leap of faith toward the basket, and I have yet to miss a single one.

Others have tried to buy me when they mistook me for my cousin Mercy. But I am not Mercy. She has a different job then I. You see, no payment stands in the way of me. No price tag can justify my role in life. The one who try to buy me does not understand that their currency does not work in this transaction. Trying to purchase me belittles my beauty. The intentions may be good based on human wisdom, but my divine work is blurred when people try to pay for me.

Please see me and make your mind see how beautiful I am! I can not be understood outside your condition. God’s angels are perplexed and amazed on how I was fashioned. They constantly come to me probing me with questions on what it is like to do my job. They can’t understand me, but mankind can. No school in the heavens has developed an explanation for the magnitude of how loved the human race is.

Whether it is the depths of the dark places or the ladder, look for me. I am never far away. What I bring is simple, undeserved, incomprehensible, and magnificent. This ascension is a celebration that everyone needs to be apart of. Those on board the basket constantly look up praising the One who is pulling them up. Oh how grateful I am for my job as I point to the God-man pulling the rope.

I can give confidence to those who dwell in what I have accomplished. The One who brought me into being said that I was sufficient. I am close to the humble and have been fashioned to make a way to the Lover of the undeserving. It takes faith to make the ascension. Have you seen me? And if you have, will you make the leap? Be assured, boundless joy awaits.

Caleb Rawls – is the pastor of Pleasant Home Baptist Church in Laurel Mississippi, and husband to Taylor Rawls. Together they strive to lead the church to reach out to their community and world. And yes, they have a dog named Tiglath-Pileser.

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