• Caleb Rawls

Introduction to Lofty

God is not small.

Yet His role in our lives seems so minuscule.

God is not weak.

Yet little strength is often found in Him.

God is not confined to time.

Yet we worry about tomorrow.

God is not comprehendible.

Yet we believe we have figured Him out.

God is not unjust.

Yet we struggle with His decisions.

God is not burdensome.

Yet so often we carry our chains.

God is not ashamed.

Yet we hide from Him in our darkness.

God is lofty and now is the time we start seeing Him that way.

We love to be impressed. We go to sporting events, watch movies, musicals, explore nature, and social media with the hope of seeing something impressive. We love to be “knocked off our feet” by something spectacular. Sport fans love to see their quarterback, pitcher, or power forward rise through the ranks and show off their skills to the rest of the world. Musicians love to hear and see their favorite artist perform and proclaim their brilliant abilities to the public. Still others love to watch nature, in all of its beauty.

I remember standing on the Mongolian grasslands atop a pile of dirt and rocks that went as far as the eye could see. I looked at the vastness that the natural landscape had and marveled at this endless procession of rubble in the geography of the land, which was built by the Genghis Khan to attack the Chinese. The shear distance and manpower required would have been enormous. Not only was it extensive, but it was in the middle of nowhere. No people, nothing. Still, it was nothing less than impressive.

As a young pastor who is excited about the proclamation of God’s Word I am often faced with how my local church, and those around us, can become better representations of God to the world. Many church growth ideals can be formed with good intentions, ones that reach the local culture and context; but, have we forgotten the very God in whom the Church functions? What is our view of the One who sent His only begotten Son to be crushed for our transgressions? How do we approach this Almighty God? Does our worship of him really proclaim how worthy He is?

Surely no carnal means can match His splendor, but what effort are we putting forth to show the world how awesome our God is? You will put forth effort in something that you care for and delight in. Men will die for a cause that is bigger and grander than their mere lives. Have we simply lost sight of how overwhelmingly mighty our God is? Could it be that we do not mention Him because He has become smaller in our lives than He truly is?

Throughout this study we as a church hope to view God as lofty. We want God’s Word to paint a design of the Person of majesty that we can never get over. We want our satisfaction in Him who is more than we can imagine. We have an expectation that He is going to overwhelm our soul, mind, hearts, and actions.

Once we see God as lofty, then we will desire to know Him more and for others to experience the joy that He has for all men.

How to use this Material

This material is built to have readability while still requiring something from the reader. Everything that is mentioned throughout this publication will play into what we as a church will be learning about together in our, Wednesday Night Service, Sunday School, Sunday Worship Service and Growth Groups.

Throughout this month you will have two different sessions where you will have the opportunity to personally dive into God’s Word. I would encourage you to use these as an opportunity with your family to talk about God’s Word together. This is an opportunity for you to develop a connection with your family that often times goes unnoticed. The Devotion is to be done individually and the Thursday Devotion is to be done with your family. However your schedule works let this tool be molded to minister to your context.

Here is my recommendation for how you can get the most out of this series.

Monday Individual Devotion- Use the first devotion as your personal time to begin studying God’s Word. Use this to prepare you for what you will be learning throughout the week.

Wednesday – Attend Renewal beginning with a meal at 5:30. Children and youth will be in their own ministry locations learning about the same thing that the adults are in a relevant way to them.

Thursday –Family Time Devotion

Get together with your family and dive into God’s Word together!

It is important to note that all families are comprised differently on different spiritual levels. This devotion time is made for the family of different ages but the spiritual leader will need to read over what is stated and refine the lesson to meet the needs of the family.

Sunday – Attend Sunday School at 9:45am to study God’s Word together on the same topic that you have been learning about all week. Hear God’s Word preached at 11:00am in view of all what you have been soaking in all week. Come to a Growth Group beginning at 5pm to go over all that you have learned.

Throughout this month I hope that our church can re-appreciate the majesty of God. Let us together be motivated to be overwhelmed by the excellence of our God. Let us love the one who jealously pursues us.