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How to do R.E.A.P.

In order to be passionate worshipers, disciple makers, devoted families, generous givers, and everyday missionaries we believe that God’s Word is vital in leading our people to grow closer to Jesus and help others encounter him.

For this reason our entire church is going through God’s Word on the same page together. From 7th graders to the 100 year olds we are studying God’s Word on the same page through the R.E.A.P. Process.

Every time you attend your Sunday School Group you will have a passage of Scripture that you and the rest of the church have been reading, examining, applying, and praying through the entire week. By doing this we can all be learning from each other and know what our families are learning as well.

When all of God’s people are in the Word together we can better hold each other accountable, encourage one another, study with others better, weed out heresy, and know God together.

Below we have provided example questions to ask yourself as you go through the R.E.A.P. Process as well as an example of how to do the R.E.A.P. Process.

If you would like for someone to show you this method for learning and living out the truths of God’s Word then find one of our ministers who would love to show you how to read God’s Word!


  • Whenever we approach a passage of Scripture we must be diligent to read the whole passage. This requires us to know or read the previous chapter or two to understand what has lead up to the current passage. Never try to understand one verse alone but alongside the entire passage.


  • After reading the selected passage you want to try and examine the text to understand the points, message, and truth that it is proclaiming. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is this text saying about God/Jesus?

  • What does this say about man?

  • What is the main topic being mentioned?

  • Is there another passage that supports these verses?

  • What was the writer trying to get across to his audience?


  • After examining the passage to know as much as possible we must and most importantly apply the Word to our lives. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What truth do I need to believe?

  • What sin do I need to repent of?

  • What command do I need to obey?

  • What encouragement is there to savor?

  • How do I need to live in response to this passage?


  • We pray for obedience to do what this passage says and the faith that God will transform us.

  • Thank God for what he has revealed.

  • Ask for help in obedience, faith, and humility.

  • Consider whom you will share this message with that God has shown you. Don’t keep it to yourself!

Example of R.E.A.P. Process:

R. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him..”

E. God’s love for mankind is displayed in how far he goes to save the world. His love meant giving. Giving of his only son.

When reading the verses around verse 16 John is witnessing Jesus explain to Nicodemus how to be born again. This was difficult for him to grasp, this being “born again.” Here in this specific verse Jesus explains how God makes a way for us to be born again! I see:

- Belief/Faith is the way that God has chosen to save us

- Love is the motivation for God to save us, not condemnation

- Jesus is how God saves us.

A. I really need to believe in God. Look at how much he loves! If this is the extent of love that God has for man then why would I not want to have faith in him? He does not just want to condemn me. He is not waiting to crush me for His enjoyment. He wants to save me! He wants to save me so badly that He dies for me an imperfect person.

My life should be radically changed if this amount of love was poured out for me, shouldn’t it? What would my life be if it wasn’t for God’s love? I need to live to make sure that the world that God loves knows of his love.

P. Thank you Lord for loving the world even when it so often far from you. I pray that you will be gracious to me as I cherish how much you have done to make me be born again. But more than just cherish it, let me always have faith in this amazing love! Amen.

People to share with: Braxton and Johnny.

Again we invite you to join us in this journey through God's Word at PHBC as we continue to learn more and more about Jesus.

Join us on Sunday's at 9:45am for a Sunday School Group to hear what people are learning and the life change from their relationships with Jesus.

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