• Caleb Rawls

A Movement

Sometimes we overlook some pretty remarkable things.

Last week the youth that went to Ridgecrest North Carolina had the opportunity to climb a mountain. This action is something that those native to the lower part of Mississippi are not truly prepared for. As I was walking I was constantly looking at my foot placement. “Watch the rock, over the mud puddle, move the limb,” all these statements were processing in my mind as I tried to tackle this climb.

As I continued to focus on the immediate I almost missed the first bend where we could see an incredible view. The immediate actions that were necessary for me to get up the mountain could have made me miss the whole reason I was climbing the mountain to begin with; to get to the top and see the beauty.

I know that many people are climbing right now. We are focused on our work, our families, our shortcomings, our sins, our ministry work, our summer plans, and everyday life. This is vital and important but I want to ask you for just one moment to look up.

We just celebrated three students come to life last week. Two weeks before this we had two others come before the church and show the new creation that God had made in them through baptism. Also, eight people enlisted their lives to our local church to be a means to glorify Jesus on that same day. Not only that but four others this year saw their need for Jesus and placed their faith in him, and was baptized.

While these results are from the work of the Spirit drawing man to salvation and moving people to commit their lives to the service of the church, this is not the only areas where our church is moving. Our Growth Groups are building genuine relationship where Jesus is primary. Our Wednesday Nights are feeding children who desperately need a meal. A group of high school and college students meet throughout our community and have seen Jesus transform the peer’s lives. Many are feed in our community through a weekly commitment to bringing food to those around our church. This is only a fraction of what PHBC is doing.

Christian. The Church is moving. New life in Jesus is coming to those our Church encounters. A movement is brewing and we must ask our self an important question.

What am I personally doing with PHBC to further the fame of Jesus?

I am asking for all of us to commit to move. A stationary lifestyle for Jesus will not be enough. Stationary accomplishes nothing. Doing nothing is irresponsible. Doing nothing is a waste of your life. Stationary is not an option.

It is time to move Church. Trust in the Jesus who has redeemed you and the Church that He loves. Give of your time, your money, your love, your efforts, and your commitment to the Church.

Where Jesus is, there will be movement. Will you move?

Caleb Rawls – is the pastor of Pleasant Home Baptist Church in Laurel Mississippi, and husband to Taylor Rawls. Together they strive to lead the church to reach out to their community and world. And yes, they have a dog named Tiglath-Pileser.

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