• Caleb Rawls

REAP Revelation 21:5-8


"And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new!"


Without Revelation 21 the book would be a very hopeless book. In this chapter John records in his vision:

  • A new and beautiful world with God functioning as the sun, the center and sustainer of all things.

  • Death is no more, no crying, no pain.

  • The promise is said to be "trustworthy" so we can bet on this promise as the promise of Jesus' resurrection.

  • An eternal heritage to those that conquer.

All these are promised and so much more in this passage. God is making all things, which means everything, to be new. All the former, which is what we are in now will fade. But he will make all things new for those that are his children and conquer to the end(vs7).


What about me? Do I want all things to be made new? I do love the image of death being destroyed and no more tears but sometimes I feel I am connected too closely with things that are dying.

My sins are not going to be made new. My sins are going to be destroyed. I sometimes wonder if I really cherish all thing being made new, pure, and divinely beautiful.

God forgive me when I cling to my wants, sins, and hide away from your divine process of making me new. Develop in me a spirit that longs to thirst from you as those you speak of in this passage. When my heart wants everything else, pull me back to you, Jesus.


God, help me to see myself as a truly new creation bought by the blood of Jesus. Through your Spirit mold me into the servant that you need today so that others can come to experience how great you are in spite of my failures.