• Caleb Rawls

Sunday Sermon Thoughts

How much joy you have can tell you something about your relationship with God right now.

In Psalm 51 we hear of sins that David has committed. These sins lead him down a difficult road and impacted his relationship with God. He mentions in verse 12:

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation,

and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

David wanted the joy that he had in his God to be restored. Sin had taken it away, trampled on his joy and left him joyless.

Sin can do that to you as well. It tells you and I lies about a fake joy that does not satisfy our deepest needs. Sin can take your happiness with you once the fake pleasures are over.

I know that we have rampant depression, tremendous loneliness, and we have a multitude of reasons in life for why we should not have any type of happiness in our life. We have seasons that we go through that put us in dark places as well as times when we are on top of the mountain. Regardless of how we feel, what our mind is doing, or what season we are in, what does our joy have to say about our relationship with God?

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