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Family Discipleship 3.22

As we are confined to our homes we are greeted with an extraordinary opportunity to shepherd our family. No matter the age or the number of people we hope that you will take time after our Sunday service to gather your family together to discuss God’s Word and grow closer together in light of the hope of Jesus. You are the new Sunday School teacher and God has given you the Spirit of courage to spiritually shepherd your family! The first section has questions with younger kids in mind while the second section has the teenagers and up in mind. Don't be be "too adult" to try out the first section!

Family Discipleship Questions:

Children's Section

Why are we not as good as God is?

Read Romans 3:10-18

Answer: Because we have fallen into sin and this sin has made us impure, like a stain on a clean white shirt, we are sinful and not holy as God is holy. This is why we are not intimately connected to God as he wants to be. He wants to have a close relationship with you! Sin separates us from God because he is holy and we are not.

If we are not as good and holy as God is then how are we suppose to get to God?

Read Romans 3:21-22

Answer: Faith in Jesus to mend our broken relationship with God!

But what is faith?

Answer: (allow some time for them to consider this question) Faith is when we trust in God to give us what we need.

· Example Question (use as fits your supper situations!): Do you trust me to give you supper tonight? (Yes!) But it has not happened yet, right? (Right!) So you have faithin me to get you some supper.

Activity(living room is probably a good idea)

Instructions for leader:

1. Create a type of fence in a box or circular shape on the floor wide enough where your child can not reach the middle.

2. You sit in the middle with something that they like (candy, toy, game)

3. Tell them: “You can not use anything other then yourself to get the object and you can not get in the circle. How will you get this _____________.

(Let them get creative on how they can get it but in the end they can not. They will have to ask you, in the circle, to give them the ____________.)

Activity Take Away: In the end, the only way for them to get it is by asking and having faith that you who are already in the circle will give it to them. This is what it is like to have faith in Jesus! He gives us what we on our own can not get to. We cannot be perfect but Jesus is perfect for us! This is why we need Jesus to hand us the free gift of salvation. Faith is believing that he will indeed save us.

Do you have faith in God?

This is a very open question that is to mainly let the conversation go where it will. Remember God’s Word and shepherd your family well!

Adult's Section

1. What is propitiation?

a. an atoning sacrifice

2. Why did God have to make a way for man to be made right with God apart from the Law?

a. The Law was not sufficient to bring us to God. Instead the law was to help us know God’s standard and for show us that “through the law came knowledge of sin.” (3:20)

3. Why did God choose to use faith as the means to save us?

a. Spurgeon: “Humbly we should say that, as far as we can tell, faith has been selected as the channel of grace because faith naturally adapts to being used as a receiver… The hand is made to receive, and, like the hand of man, faith is created to be a receiver.”

4. Describe the function of faith, redemption, justification, and grace and how they function to explain how we are brought back to God.

a. Faithin God’s graceis how we are justified(considered pure and righteous as Jesus is righteous). This is all God’s redemption.

5. What was the greatest truth that you have learned from God’s Word today?


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