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Family Discipleship 3.29

As we are confined to our homes we are greeted with an extraordinary opportunity to shepherd our family. No matter the age or the number of people we hope that you will take time after our Sunday service to gather your family together to discuss God’s Word and grow closer together in light of the hope of Jesus. You are the new Sunday School teacher and God has given you the Spirit of courage to spiritually shepherd your family! The first section has questions with younger kids in mind while the second section has the teenagers and up in mind. Don't be "too adult" to try out the first section!

Family Discipleship Questions

Children’s Section:

What does it look like to have faith in Jesus?

Read Romans 5:1-2

Answer: Faith is trust that your will receive what you need. In a way, you have faith that you will have supper tonight because of your parents. This is the same way we have faith in Jesus. We have faith that Jesus will reconnect our relationship with God through Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.

In the bible, who is Abraham?

Read Romans 4:1

Answer: Abraham is the first man of what will become Israel, God’s holy nation. Similar to how George Washington is our countries first leader, so Abraham was Israel’s first leader.

What did Abraham do in order to be considered good (righteous) enough for God?

Read Romans 4:2-5

Answer: Abraham had faith in God to do what he said He would do. This is the same type of faith we are to have in Jesus. Jesus said he was the Son of God and we are to have faith that because he was we can be brought back into a relationship with God.

Adult’s Section:

As we arrive at chapter 4 of Romans why does Paul bring up Abraham in his letter?

Read Romans 4:1-5

Answer: Remember a portion of the Roman church is Jewish and have a high view of the law and how it and it alone gets us to God. Their strict legalism is what made faith as the only means of redeeming sinful man a very difficult thing for them to believe.

How does Paul’s explanation of Abraham’s spiritual journey in Genesis make faith primary and the Law secondary?

Re-read Romans 4:2-5

Answer: Chapter 15:5 of Genesis is where God credits Abraham with His righteousness before God gives Abraham the legal side of the covenant which was circumcision.

How does verse 18 make another good definition for faith?

Read Romans 4:17-18

Answer: Faith is a trust to receive what you need but the interesting part is that God is the one who knows what we really need. That is why even when there are things in our life that are far away and difficult to find the hope through faith, we have hope that God will give us what we need.

What are you praying for today against hope because you have faith in God?

Read Romans 4:20-21

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